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Quests And Tutorial



Hello there!


I downloaded the new update this morning and logged in to play (after 5-6 disconnection, but I'm not here to complain about that, it happens), to see that the game now had a tutorial. As happy as I was, I clicked the "I wanna try them tutorial" button only for the game to disconnect me again.


So I reconnected, only to lend on a very cool ship with no access to the tutorial. Again, I didn't took it too bad, 'cause it's just a tutorial, I can just watch it on youtube if I want to see it. But now my friends are telling me I should see an indicator on planet Earth for some sort of quests, which I don't seem to find for the very life of me, the only icons I see are Dark Sectors.


Now I'm starting to wonder if it's just because I'm blind or if I'm missing something. I read around the forums to find the riddles in the patch notes. Do you have to "unlock" the quest for them to appear on the map? Or are they like alert and they'll pop in your face once in a while?


I wanted to get a support ticket for that missing green X but I figured maybe I should ask around beforehand. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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