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U14: No Enemy Gibbing Or Dismemberment From Projectile Weapons And A Lower Gib/dismemberment Chance From Melee Weapons


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In the previous update bad guys gibbed pretty often. It added some much-needed visual feedback to high dps weapons like the Twin Vipers. After installing U14, enemies rarely have any cosmetic damage outside of melee hits. Even then, the type of locational damage is almost always the same.


Grineer get chopped in half and Corpus Crewmen might lose an arm. Given that Warframe is already rated M, I'm confused as to why this change was made. (It could be a temporary bug, but either way its been very noticeable in my time with U14.)

I haven't seen a single head explode or even have blood on it, which has been a long-time staple in Warframe.


Hopefully the old gibbing comes back so I can charge through baddies with a sword and watch everyone fall apart again.

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