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Stuff Is Difficult To Read With The New Ui


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Criticisms about the navigation mechanics of the new UI aside, my biggest issues are the aesthetic ones. The text in the ship's little panels is hard to read because it's white, which doesn't stand out much at all against the glowy shining background. Having bloom disabled only helps slightly.


Also related is when customizing your warframe/weapon colors, the bright lights in the background make it very difficult to see color details and stuff.


Another issue is that when navigating the menus with your warframe standing in the foreground usually blocks stuff on the very left side from view. I would also like to say that having the menus tilt in response to mouse movement is a bit of a pain and makes things disorienting to read.


Also, in the mods menu, why is only the middle row of mods fully visible, while the top and bottom rows are blanked out?


So yeah.

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