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Map Progression


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I am lost and frankly new map is a deal breaker.


I know I had the first mission on a planet opened yesterday . Now that planet is not even represented. I cant plan any progression since nothing is connected and I can see any indication on how to proceed to say the LOKI


This map was plainly made by someone who opened the entire map. For a new player starting out  it is totally a waste of time .

You cant see what is locked at a glance , you cant see what is connected and you cant even see all the planets.

Is my UI bugged? or did the devs actually mean to do this?

I just don't get it . as far as I can see after trying to advance to a new planet for 3 hours that I KNOW for a FACT  I opened the first mission on . I am about ready to give up. like I on ly have a couple weeks in  so idk . It is a pve game that doesn't support progression for new players .. gotta say that is a novel way to design a game.


AT LEAST let me op out of the new map system and go back to previous that actually represented the solar system in a way someone could understand.. This new MAP just for people with everything open




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I can only see a 7 planets in a circle  plus void and dojo .  around my guy when I click on map. sedan eris  Europa  etc  are gone and there is no indication whatsoever on how to open them  . all the later planets are gone. and I have know Idea how to open them .


For example I did titania  . with the boss which should have opened Uranus to progress. now Uranus is gone . titania . is unlocked. but indication that connects to anyting . or what that mission leads to.

 Like on old map there was a line connecting mission to the next mission so you could see. what opens what . now nothing. I am supposed to complete a planet entirely then the new planet will open up. Am I supposed to guess. or. idk lol

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Did you have all the planets open before patch? or did you still have some to go?

How do you know what missions open up the next mission.. how do you see how to progress from say earth to LOKI? for example.

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maybe my ui is bugged.gotta be. right no way they intended to lock your progress and give you no information whatsoever on how to proceed.


anyhow just frustrated . I was liking this game but after last 2 hours trying to play I a mission I KNOW for a fact I had open yesterday I just feel like this is a deal breaker .


DId devs intend to lock everyone at the level they were at and never let them open new missions? For testing or something/

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Well, i have the same problem. I had some planets unlocked and some planets locked before U14. Now some of the planets are missing (the ones that i had locked) aditionaly when i had only main rout on planet unlocked (since i wanted to go straight forward for Jupiter) now the nodes around planet makes no sense, some nodes are locked other one available, another are flashing white. One thing i figured out is that I have to repeat all Bosses. Killing "War" unlocked Eris for me, whitch was locked for me before U13




Edit: Also i found out that i cant find any players for my game on Uranus (flashing white node - I think it means its new node, the one i havent played in U13) and I think its because this change in U14:

"-Prevent players from quick matching into already-in-progress missions if this is their first time they’re playing the selected node."

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Thank you elidil.


I will redo bosses.

I am done for today . though . I have the exact same situation as you . where I had a chain opened to another planet . now that planet is gone. it is almost like . they want you to go back and do every mission again . to open back up the chain or do all missons on the planet or  . idk .


Don't have a clue what is locked , what flashing white means. what does  flashing yellow means. some missons greyed out but no lock symbol.  whoever designed this definitely didn't think about the people who are still progressing through game.


Have you figured out any way to see what is linked to the next . say the last mission on one planet before the first mission on the next planet?


Oh and why they hell don't they have a STAR MAP .. like that be a good idea right ?  A map in a pve game showing what area's there are still to unlock  and how to get there. . .How do you miss putting a map in your game.



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