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Port Forwading


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Im Not sure if it goes in this topic/place but lets see
So every time I Log in it appear the message "Strict NAT Detected. UPnP malfunctioning. Please forward UDP ports 3960 & 3962 to"
But I dont really know what to do with that, I searched a Little bit and so but many guide come for windows and unfornately I have a Mac .-.  so many guides or programas dont suit me
I dont really know anything about IP adress or configuring that kind of stuff and I dont want to F*** something up <__<

But Im Really Tired of having the message "Fail to join Session" or not be able to be on de Dojo with my clan friends and so on :c
I Mean I can play with SOME people and I can accept some invites but those are like 1 out of 10 invites :c
anyone knows a "easy" guide :c 
or if DE will eventually fix this and make it more "friendly" with this kind of NAT :c?



I Put the PS4 adrees on DMZ to see if that works <__<

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