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Purchases With Kubrow



Just bought and used a Scrambler pack thing within the incubator menu, since my Kubrow was a single colour/pattern i thought it would change something when used on. My question is, does anyone know what how this system works? Was my Kubrow going to change colour when he grew up? Why did no aesthetics change when used? And why for the love of god is there no information on this. What if I would of liked the shape/colour he was going to be and just spent 10pl making him a pink splodge.


Any info would be appreciated

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So it does instantly change colour and reveals immediately? So I just spent 10pl making my none-patterned bright white Kubrow into a none-patterned bright white Kubrow? Great coding from a customers perspective, not even ensuring in the RNG process that it doesn't repeat what is current? It's understandable from the random colour generator on weapons and frames but when it involves money they should really think about upping the code to a better standard.

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