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Mod Selection When Upgrading Items

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When I scroll through the mods to upgrade my gear I see 3 columns of mods and only a part of the mods displayed in each column is visible because of some kind of shadow that's overlaying the other mods. With the new UI that seems to have zoomed in on itself it's become more apparent to me that it would be nice to see more mods at the same time. So my suggestions are as follows:

- Remove that overlay/shadow that hides the other mods in the column

- Add a 4th column

- Reduce the amount of the active frame in the picture.



- Reduces time spent scrolling

- Reduces time spent searching for a certain mod that you only remember the picture of.

- Adds clarity.

This is something that has been bugging me a little since I have been playing this game and I know there are a lot of other more important issues with the UI at the moment but I decided to post about it because the new UI has made it even clearer to me this could use some adjustment. And also so I don't forget to post about it.

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We need to be able to see what mod we have scrolling throught the list, they currently are displayed too small and unreadable.

I don't want to spend minutes to search for one mod in my collection, tracking it slowly pointing one after the other with the mouse.

My Tenno always take some space in front of the screen, so i can't see easily what i'm looking for.

I want a STATIC, USER FRIENDLY UI. Because i don't like to spend too much time searching for mods while friends are waiting for me.

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