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Mod Quests.


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Was going to post this last week ,but getting punched by a twister stopped that, so I think this is a good at time as any.


With the addition of quests [have yet to poke them, updating], I'd like to suggest quests specifically to gain mods. To get ONE, one specific mod, so that the RNG factor on major, NECESSARY mods is gone. Could be a simple 'run these quests and finish them', could be like in MMOs where you pick up a quest, or buy a quest ticket and have to 'collect number of X', 'kill number of X'-- Hell, we could even have it 'achievement' based, in that 'shooting X number of enemiesi n the head with rilfes will give you Y mod!' or crap like that. Something ANYTHING so we're not praying to RNJesus for that one mod we've needed for however long....I know new/low level players know what I'm talking about; Those without any damage buff mods, maybe one elemental mod if they're lucky, and a crap ton of ammo and RoF mods. 




Pick up the 'Serrarion Quest' and go through three different missions, completing them gives the Serration mod.


Buy and craft a 'Bounty Contract' to kill 50 Grinner in an hour to get a 'No return' mod on completion.


Take a 'Challange token' to kill 100 enemies with Headshots in an hour with Sniper Rifles to gain the 'Eagle Eye' mod.

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