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The gender swap warframe...


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Im completely new to this game but I am already in love with it <3

The only thing I have to criticize (besides the matchmaking problems) is the fact that

the warframe changes you gender. I mean its a suit. And its a little bit weird that it does change your gender.

I would like to see a gender selection at the beginning of the game(optional there could be gender swap for platinum) and every frame for male/female. Its just a little bit "lore" breaking. I looks like the hulk in the rhino uniform, and in the next mission I´m a slim woman ^^

I know im a little bit picky about that and there are other things to do right now, but that was something that draw my attention xD

And sorry if im in the wrong thread right now. Thought this is the right one :D

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Think of it this way. They are like characters in a fighting game. You are playing that character, you are not in a suit. Of course I have no idea if that is what DE intended it to be, or if gender options are just not in the game yet. But it is how it is at the moment.

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Actually I'm not sure if they are even human anymore. Have you seen the captive Tenno. That's us without a warframe. That is far from human.

On subject I am all for it but just not sexuallization of the frames please. I can mind females running about but when their breasts defy physics and their armor is well "missing" in most areas I have a major problem. I doubt the artistic mind behind all of these great frames would go that low though.

All I can say is in due time. Balance and bug fixing.

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Warframe are armors, tools.

You don't play as a "suit", you play as a human in a suit.


We may have once been what constitutes as "human" but really so were the Grineer and the Corpus. I'm pretty sure that the cryogenically frozen Tenno are mutated/modified humans from the Technocyte virus (see Dark Sector).

Half the warframes have eyes on the side of the head, so...definitely not pure human...

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Those aren't necessarily "eyes". Optic sensors have lenses as well, and can be placed anywhere you'd like. With that argument you'd imply that Excalibur's blind!

Anyway, I agree with the OP on this, since I was pretty stoked to see the First Look trailer showcasing a female Excalibur and was pretty disappointed it never showed up in-game. Still, it's not a huge deal - like other people have noted, each frame is a character. It's like playing Gears of War multiplayer.

On an unrelated note, I'm sure that the Warframes ARE suits, but I think that there's something more sinister afoot...considering their semi-organic look, at best I'd think they're symbiotes, and at worst parasites. I mean, there has to be a reason why all the other factions are so intent on eliminating the Tenno.

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Warframe - Orokin technology. They are something like Crysis suits, i belies, that's about their look.

Warframe is a suit armor, which explained in tutorial (people, stop skip it, atleast for once!): "Warframe showing your current status - health and energy" (not an actual quote).

I believe Tenno are humans - they are from Earth. Posibly they are not mutants either. Maybe they are only humans that are... humans... not grineers. Tenno is an order, not a race.

Also side note, i believe most or Orokin technologi is shown at Corpus maps, so i think it's possible to imagine what Orokin race was like.

Also, both hands for genders. Picking gender isn't big deal, but it add much more options for play. BUT i think we still should keep some Warframes with 1 gender option. I believe we should leave Ember and Trinity as only female options and Rhino and Loki and only male.

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