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Unumae - The One-For-All And All-For-One Warframe


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Unumae is the Aegis and Silva made manifest, simultaneously defending her allies and striking against their enemies. She is able to change her kit at a moments notice with her 4, granting a flexible and eclectic play-style.


Health: 150 (450 Max)


Shield Capacity: 100 (300 Max)


Power: 100(150 Max)


Armor: 65


Speed: 1.0



1. Wrath/Guidance- Starting off, a low level Unumae will only be able to use Wrath, which is a damaging beam of energy that deals radioactive damage and costs energy per second to use. This beam gains damage and range at each level. At max, it gains pierce. However, once the Unumae's 4 is used, the ability changes to Guidance. Guidance deals no damage to enemies, but provides some energy regen and a damage buff to friendlies that find themselves in the way of this beam. At max, the beam gives minor health and shield regen.


2. Unload/Repulse- Unumae drops ammo of all types around her, and bolsters her own fire rate for a short time. The amount of ammo dropped and fire rate increased increases with each level. At max, the fire rate buff is shared with nearby allies. Repulse sends out a wave of energy, knocking back most foes and stumbling heavier foes. At max rank, allies caught in this wave have their shields begin to recharge if they are damaged.


3.Perfect Strike/Perfect Block- Lashing out, Unumae strikes the nearest foe dealing high impact damage and stunning them. At max, the target ragdolls backwards a very short distance. Perfect Block creates a shield in front of Unumae that follows the target reticle around, blocking melee and projectile attacks from where ever she is currently looking. At max, a much thinner shield is created behind Unumae, protecting her from very light damage.


4.One-for-All and All-for-One- Unumae’s 4 allows her access to her power’s alternate abilities. In order to differentiate which stance you are in, when in defense mode, the color of the Unumae is inverted. Also, when maxed, this power can have some interesting effects on her standard powers for a limited time after activation…



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