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Problems With The New Starting Equipment.


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    I decided I would run most of Vor's Prize with the starting equipment provided so I would be able to give DE some good feedback. However after the first mission, my new(second) Volt, MK1 Paris, and MK1 Kuni are all gone. Furthermore the new MK1 variants of the starting gear don't appear to exist in the codex, and cannot be bought in any of the weapon screens.


    This issue doesn't bother me personally so much since I already had Volt and I'm MR15, However my friend who made an account and got turned off by the game before U14 played it again shortly after me. It was a huge success! He loved using the Paris immensely, and he was much more excited about the game with the release of U14. Once he got onto his ship though, he was reverted back to his loki/mk1-braton/lato/skana. Which instantly killed the game for him again.


    The reason I'm not posting in the Megathread is I'm not sure why I haven't seen this issue getting more attention. Is this simply accepted as what's suppose to happen? How does everyone else feel about it? Did anyone else even notice? I'd like to see what the community has to say on this as well as reporting it to DE.

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Yeah this should definitely be fixed, the ability to choose different starting gear is fantastic for the new player experience and I was really excited when I saw it. It's also really important to maintain continuity for new players, since they're already dealing with a lot of new information.

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