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Can We Get Different Voice Packs For Ordis? Snooty Voice For A Robot Is Extrememly Played Out.


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You know what was the first thing i thought when i heard this thing?

Oh.... it's Guilty Spark, it's C3P0....you know the same robot/AI voice you have heard fifty billion times already.

If you are going to use a recognizable character what about using one that is not used that many times?

Why not use a HAL9000-type of a voice? That would have been creepy-cool.


Anyway, since the snooty robot is already in place can you add other voice packs we can purchase?


How about doing a contest where us players send in examples then have the winners record a whole set of lines?


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Eh, maybe something like Dota 2's announcer packs... for plat, of course, as a good cosmetic item ;)


Yeah, plat is what i meant when i said purchase. Of course, this thing is not just going to be creds.

And they could make so it's tied to just your account. So when you purchased you have to restart the game so it could download to you game. So it's not something that everyone needs to download making the game bigger for everyone.

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I like this idea as well.  Would love to even go on quests to install a new AI like a Spunky AI, Quiet Reflective AI, or Calm Condescending with Implied Homicidal Tendencies AI.


A quest is also good.

A quest like the dog thing.

You go into some Corpus salvage operation and pick up bits of AI to build a brand new one.

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