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Double-Clicking To Change Weapons And Warframes In The Arsenal Is Sluggish


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Title says it all.


Before this update, double-clicking to select Warframes and weapons was simple and easy, and now it feels kind of difficult. It's almost easier to just select what you want and click the equip button. It's disappointing, and kind of frustrating.



This is really my only qualm about the user interface at this point. Everything works beautifully, and it looks amazing, to boot.

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That's because the whole system in sluggish. When you click a weapon it takes a bit before the equip button pops up so you can press it.



Overall, I like the way it looks and functions, but it could flow much better, but I'm going to take what I can get at this point. I've had sweaty palms for this update since I saw the Liset and the new UI, and even if it's not working as ideally as I would have liked, I still enjoy it.

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