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Hey all! I'm Cyrus106.

I'm the leader of the Group (not to be confused with Clan, mind you) known as the UFSB(http://z13.invisionfree.com/UFSB/), and I make Youtube videos/ Let's plays

I.E. GrineerRoller.avi

I began playing this as soon as it reared it's glorious head on Steam and I've had an absolute blast! I haven't been addicted to a game for at least a year now(already have 160 hours in....), so this is a refreshing change of pace. Hell, I'm a college student and nearly broke, and I still put some money together to buy some platinum when I observed how much HEART the devs put into this game, and how quickly they'd roll out quickfixes and the like. I was really impressed! The amount of companies that actually put heart into their projects is lowering in numbers, so this gives me hope!

God bless, DE!

Hope to see you all on the battlefield, Tenno!

-Cyrus Edited by cyrus106
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