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A Few Tweaks That Could Carry Over From Old Ui Would Be Nice


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1. in the foundry, showing how much of a resource you have instead of only showing what is needed, (example, if an item requires 500 ferrite, instead of it showing up as 500/500 ferrite, maybe have it show as your current amount, like 5131/500.

2. highlighting a planet in the nav menu also shows their resource drops and active squads instead of having to enter the sector select screen to view resources.

3. highlighting a sector showing how many active squads in that specific mission.

4. Retrieving resources from drones with the following options.
"Retrieve resources, Retrieve Resources and drone, Cancel."

5. setting to online/solo/private/invite only option seems to be missing? or am just blind?
edit, "Found it". on the main pause menu in the bottom right

I'm sure you guys have your hands full at the moment but I'm sure everything will be working out.
even without some of the old perks I'm still enjoying the new Ui update and all the quests you guys have planned.

all in all whatever you guys are gonna do, Thank you [DE] and a special thanks again to the programmers setting all this up.

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putting some of the old information back on the main screen would really help U14 out.


1. Alerts/Operations... the one click to enter list previously on the main HUD should never have left


2. The Online/invite/Solo option... put it back on the main hud... (it is currently buried in the menus)


3. ESC... Nope...just put the icons back on the main HUD... the ESC key is just an unneeded extra step.


4. replace the "exit the game" button on the main HUD... Alt-F4 just isn't a clean exit from a game


To be honest these few changes would radically reduce the number of complaints about the U14 functionality

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