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Terrible Void Mission Organization With The New Ui/matchmaking Process.


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So I tried arranging a T1 Survival farming for Argon Crystals, and there are multiple problems with this "new" UI.


-Tried starting the mission vote, with myself as the only one in. Tried backing out of navigation to prepare my setup and the lobby gets dropped, rendering the ability to invite people impossible as your preparing. You have to stay in navigation.


-Too clunky to un-vote, 3 lobbies where I ended it because I wasn't ready because you can't unvote.


-Started it with what I wanted, and all 3 other people dropped from my lobby in the middle of the loading screen.


This is the best I could explain it.

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I had the same issue. A mission was starting the countdown while I was trying to find a 4th player. I selected "clear vote" in an attempt to cancel countdown and it closed my lobby.


I would like to know how to open a lobby without having a mission selected and without disbanding the lobby.

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