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Graphics Look Different



Hi all,


I know this forum is inundated with issues from U14, but I just have a quick question...


Have they changed the lighting or something in this patch? The graphics look different. It's as if I have everything set on LOW.


The map look bland, like low resolution or something. I've changed NOTHING!


Rhino Prime's iron skin cosmetic look is now a bland blue?


I just need someone to confirm this for me.


Thank you for your time.

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They'll probably tweak some stuff here and there but the looks would probably stay, just like damage 2.0

I just hope they improve the new ui to make it more efficient, compared to old ui it takes more clicks to do the same thing, not looking to get u14 for ps4 anymore.

On a positive side, I like the way you choose missions now, but that ship thing is just useless in my opinion

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