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Vor's Prize: Raid The Corpus Resource Cache


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After rescuing Darvo from the Grineer, Darvo gives you a Blueprint to remove the locator that Vor has placed on you. I had built the Ascaris Negator before starting the quest for Raid the Corpus Resource Cache and there is no indicator of where I need to head next to continue the quest line. I had asked my clannies for some help as to trying to bypass the issue and one suggestion was to kill Vor. After killing Vor, I was still on the Raid the Corpus Resource Cache mission and cannot get past it.



Does anyone have a suggestion or two as to how to bypass this bug? That would be very helpful and good job DEs for your long, hard working hours for making this fun and providing a new idea for the UI.


Screen shots:


Warframe0010_zps801fbd8d.jpg Warframe0011_zps613cff70.jpg No indication of where the next mission lies.


EDIT: There are people in my clan who've said that they have no problems with the missions and were also able to complete the whole quest line.

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