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Continuity Mod?


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I made the exact same tread a few days ago. XP

Like people said above it increases the duration of some skills.

We tested some and got these results.

Iron skin:13sec to 17sec

Smoke screen: 6sec to 8sec

Heard snow globe is bugged with this mod but not sure.

Rank 3 Smoke screen should last 7 seconds.

I tested my self, 25% continuity did not increase any duration on Smoke screen.

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Armour reduces how much damage an attack will take from your health (;

Health are the red numbers, you know what that is. Shields are the blue numbers, you take damage to your shields first, then health. Your shields will recover after a few moments where you're not taking damage, but health does not regenerate unless you have a specific artifact equipped.

Each warframe also has an armour value. As 3Jane said, this reduces damage taken to health (but not shields). This means that shields will pretty much always drop somewhat faster than health drops when taking damage. But this is more obvious on warframes like Rhino, with a very high armour value, versus...say, something like Ember with low armour.

There is a mod that gives a percentage bonus to warframe armour, Steel Fibre. Generally this is only worthwhile on frames like Rhino and Frost which have high armour to begin with. Otherwise, it's not worth using. Redirection, the mod that grants shields, is good for every warframe, however.

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