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Mirage Hall Of Mirrors Infinite Damage


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i have no idea what activates this so it seems to be completely random to me, some mentions could be a problem with going down then being revived, or maybe its a problem with going from the shade to the light a bunch of times with eclipse i have no idea, the revive is most likely it but that wouldn't be the problem since this happened the game before i played a T4 survival, in which i didn't go down at all.


Basically, something is wrong with hall of mirrors, mirage's ability, that allows for ridiculous damage, it effects crit rate as well as damage. this happens randomly as i have not been able to purposely do this. I believe it effects all weapons, reasons being that my soma was getting red crits which shouldnt of been possible with my mod loadout, my angstrum did not get red crits but every shot was a crit and boosted to around 70k damage. The max damage i have seen was a red crit with my synapse doing 15 million damage.


Hall of mirrors seems to work fine up to some point where something causes it to break and then after that all damage and crit chance is amplified beyond anything possible in the game.


i first noticed this when i killed stalker in 1 hit, RIP, but the stalker was not marked for me it was another teammate, the bug happened for the rest of the game as long as i used hall of mirrors. I thought this was a rare bug so i went ahead into a t4 survival thinking it wouldn't happen again, but a rare occurrence happened, my teammate instagibbed corrupt vor when he spawned, i did not see any numbers other than experience so i know it was not me who did the damage, making me believe that the glitched hall of mirrors can effect teammates damage also.

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Why am I the unlucky one lol, I kill things too fast with my loadouts and don't ever reach that point. I like the fact they shoot too, but if there's a crit glitch, even tho I'd love to use the crap out of it. It'll end up being fixed anyway xD

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Broken things are broken. This is a beta, our job is to bug report. People who complain about not being able to exploit bugs and glitches should rethink where they get their self esteem from, and what they want out of a game. Thanks for bringing this up, iamblighted.

Well yeah, of course, but they are obviously going to catch it soon enough on their own lol, maybe you aren't as long time a player as some of us, but stuff like this lets us have some fun with various machanics of an exploit and fiddle with things to see how far they can be pushed. I mean have you SEEN what you can do with the Penta with this thing, doesn't mean you can't just let things run it's course instead of ruining something hilariously fun does it? I guess if your self esteem comes from being a boy scout I won't make the same stupid judgements you do about people based on it.

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Looks like this bug was finally put in the megathread, and to shed a bit more light on it I have a couple more things i noticed and would like to point out if DE doesn't already know about it themselves.


-Only when Hall of Mirrors is active, i will randomly proc magnetic and toxin damage while using mods for corrosive

-I only noticed this when i maxed out my hall of mirrors mod because at the beginning i did not have the mod capacity to max all frame abilities

-It's definitely crit related as mentioned above but one thing that was left out is the red crits, with a 75% crit chance on my soma i shouldn't be able to get red crits and have never gotten them before mirage was released and i built it.

-Hall of mirrors seems to no longer randomly bug out, every time i activate it at this point i will do insane damage.


Lastly, to expand on the crit damage and crit rate, my crit chance does not seem to be boosted at or above 100% with hall of mirrors active, I can still do normal damage but any crit is boosted abnormally. Maybe this was not intended but it is also possible for the clones to do damage on their own, by mimicking the player 100%, the clones will look in the same direction as you but not at the same spot, meaning wherever you shoot, they will shoot to the side of, if you intentionally aim to the side of your target, 1 of the clones can shoot it and do damage instead. The clones of course can do insane amounts of damage. I'm not sure about this, but maybe it would be worth looking into to see if the clones are doubling their own crit chance and applying red crits. Maybe it's also possible that the clones are just doubling every factor for themselves.


This is all I have to say, if I notice anything new ill be sure to post it here.

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