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Ui Suggestions Megathread


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I just wanted to make a simple list here of things to be changed and fixed in my personal opinion

(Hopefully we are allowed to make megathreads?)


Please post additional suggestions that you think should be added (And not suggestions to switch back to the old one, we want to make this better than the last one)



-No ability to invite PUGS into a party, you have to click the '+' mark and type their name manually

-Trying to use the start menu and chat box at the same time (it prioritizes the start menu over the chat box, thus the game thinks im clicking the quit button, but im just trying to close a tab

-Needs an inventory terminal, tedious to click the start menu to check what keys you have

-No quantity of keys shown in inventory screen

-All planet tiles should be shown, but blacked out (such as in the void, so all the tiles are all out of order and make it look more complicated to look at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=288117471

-UI that shows up on Navigation menu should be more readable, not enough contrast IMO (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=288118440)

-UI starts to stutter FPS a lot when you scroll down rapidly such as in the mod segment, probably need a bit more optimization

-(Possibly in the future?) A search bar for mods or other segments

-Popup (Like an alert) when an item is done in the foundry

-Place to accept invites while in-game

-Top right corner should be visible permanently or in most cases (where it shows Plat and credits for a split second when opening and closing the start menu)

-UI should update more frequently (causes a lot of confusion when trying to do vault runs)

-When looking at blueprints in the foundry, the numbers to the left of the slash should show the actual amount of resources you have, especially when you have excess amounts, so you can know how many of that item you can build, not to just know that you can build it http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=288134971

-Planets in navigation menu should have their names floating somewhere near them (without having to hover over them)



-non-widescreen aspect ratio support (squished horizontally, hangs off screen)

-Ability to select Online, solo, etc in Navigation menu

-Better rotation of warframe in Arsenal menu

-Building and finished history, new should be first

-Minimization of chat menu



-place player in a better position away from the mod menu and other UI's



Edit: Forum is not allowing me to use image tags, so click away I suppose :/

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The UI needs to be designed better for non-widescreen aspect ratios. Currently it is all squished horizontally, and parts of it hang off the edges of the screen in 4:3 resolutions. It is still useable for now, but it does not look very good, and it can be hard to read or see parts of it.


The ability to select online, solo, invite only etc. needs to be on the mission selection screen again, and not just in the escape menu.


The ability to rotate the view vertically as well as horizontally around your Warframe, as well as zooming in and out at least a little bit, in the arsenal menu would be nice. Sometimes you cannot see the weapon you are trying to color, because your Warframe is holding it too high or too low to see.


The newest thing you have building in the foundry should be shown, not the oldest.


We should be able to minimize the chat window like before.

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I really dislike how sometimes your warframe covers up the ui. This should never happen.




What mod is that I've moused over? The "silhouette of mag's boob" mod? I imagine this is even worst for warframes that are bulkier or have shoulder armour on.


Rather, I think when you operate a panel, your Warframe's position should "snap" to the position furthest away from the ui, similar to how they snap to the arsenal when you activate it. So in the above example, no matter what angle you approach your mods from, Mag would snap to this position.



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