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How Do I Do This Now?



SO, since DE removed the exploit that allowed you to climb higher by tapping crouch while climbing a wall, I've got a kind of an issue.


My favourite room in the void finally showed back up.




How do I climb this with Saryn? The only two entrances REQUIRED you to either: Have Valkyr/Zephyr, or to use that specific exploit to get up there. Since I no longer have access to the exploit, I'm going to have to leave the mission, and there's no guarantee I'll ever see this room again. Unless someone has a specific trick to using Saryn and getting up there?


Please, let's hear it, I need Argon Crystals, and there's BOUND to be one up there.


EDIT: Okay I'm a dummy. I completely did not know that I could use "Wall Kicks" in this game :T Requesting Lock or Deletion, and disregard if that's fine.

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