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Kubrow Scrambler Idea


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I'm ok with the price of 10 Plat, but i'm not ok with how random it can be. My fix is simple, keep the color schemes you get so you can pick them at anytime. You can still have it all random but the problem I ran into was that I paid 10 plat but with no change at all to my Kubrow.


I feel robbed and im sure many feel the same.


Another tip, dont have it have a chance to be the same scheme its already ready at.


Im not going to risk throwing plat at this till this gets changed.



If anyone has some better Ideas I would love to hear them and hope DE makes this better.

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I've already wasted over 100 plat on this. My kubrow was originally all white, but I thought I would give it a spin since I have some spare plat. Every single one it came up with was horrible in my own opinion, and after spending about 80 plat on it I decided that I would settle with the first decent fur pattern it came up with. I think it was around 110 or 120 plat spent on it that it came up with all white again - and I settled there. :P

Personally, I think instead of random patterns they should maybe split it up somewhat. Maybe pay 50,000 credits for a random pattern change (if they want to allow that), or give you the option of paying 100 plat or so to be able to fully decide the color/pattern fur combination.

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