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Black Screen Of Doom On Starting Warframe


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The launcher itself works, the update is downloaded, and I'm ready to play.


Except as it turns out, something messed up.  Warframe isn't really working.  No sound.  No video.  Nothing.  Just a Black Screen of Doom.  And I'm not sure what's causing it.  All I know is that Warframe worked until U14, now it isn't, and something happened.


Component:  Launching The Game

Description:  After hitting "Play", Warframe makes ready to start, stops, then crashes, giving me the crash reporter.

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I do have the same thing, althogh I waited for like......5 minutes or more until it goes to the login screen(My laptop). It used to open normally :< idk what happened now. My home desktop on the other hand took some few seconds before it goes to the login screen, so now Idk whats the issue too...

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