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Some Bugs And Suggested Fixes To Improve Functionability


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Here are the bugs:


1.When you try to click invite someone from the chat pane with the planets open you randomly open a planet and can randomly select a mission.


2.When you look at your mods only one row of mods are visable the row above and below it though they have the ability to see the outline they are blank.


3.When looking at your mods your warframe gets in the way of seeing the mod on the far left side some times.


4.I believe the screens themselves maybe a little to close up and that could be a reason for a few issues as well.





1. When the chat pannel is open make it so the planets can not be clicked on.


2.make 3 rows of mods available to be seen


3.show your warframe opening the screen then see it without the warframe in the screen


4. back the sreens up a little bit.



I love the way the new update looks but it is a bit of a step back as far as functionality from the previous ui was i know that there will be many hotfixes coming our way but i wanted to point out the ones that i found to be hindering to me


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