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Kubrow Stasis?



I recently got a hatched kubrow and i was trying to figure out how he can mature or the stages or level so i can use him by tommorw morning in battle :) but i found something in the incubator called put (pet name) in stasis chamber, and then i clicked it and it said, recorvery from stasis will take 3 hours. Any idea what that means and what it does? 

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Well, it's still too early to understand much, but 

Maturity is governed by the amount of time that has passed since your Kubrow hatched (So far, this is the consensus that I've seen) 
By putting them into stasis, you negate the effect of gene degradation (Your Kubrow's genes will degrade after sometime and you'll need to use a stabiliser thingy to replenish it's health, much like you need to oil a chainsaw every so often) 

As I said, this is just consensus that I've seen amongst the community, don't take my word for it, you'd be better off waiting for DE to release more information. 

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