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13.7 /01.12 Diminished My Weapons/arsenal Stats!


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After recieving the 01.12 update Monday night, I wondered what this update did, since it wasn't 13.9. I didn't find any immediate changes, so I began to change the load out on my Warframe and thats when I discovered what did change. All my weapon strengths , regardless of what mods were attached, were cut by half or worse! I love Warframe, and I've  invested  ALOT of money into this game, but I seriously have lost the will to play it after this error. I mean seriously, what chance do I face against the Stalker when my Penta's (which includes Serration, Split Chamber, Heavy Calibur and maxed Blast damage mods) highest damage output is just over 900 DPS. DE, will you please make this right before this carries over to the next major update?!

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I suggest reporting to support as it can be a bug within your account.

Did you try:

*Reinstalling Patch?

*Reinstalling Game?

*Uploading last game save through the cloud?

Sometimes your HDD will corrupt and alter your game if your console was damaged in any situation. Damaging files or fragmenting your files but thats a technical level I cant help you with.

Hopefully see you on soon Tenno and goodluck!

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