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Foundry Needs A "are You Sure You Want To Claim" Feature Now.


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This might be a dumb question for reasons I can't think of right now, but why wouldn't you want to claim something that was ready? Unless it automatically purchases any required additional slots without asking you. That'd be annoying.

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Yikes. That does sound bad. Would also like a confirm button.

And to answer Bunny's question, sometimes the foundry's completed tab is a convenient, free storage location for things you're not using.

For example, I made a bunch of frames at once a while ago and claimed them one by one to level them. Then Ember prime came out, and I built and claimed her instead. Since then I've had a completed ember (which I'm probably not going to touch any time soon) sitting in my foundry. 

I also have a viper in there because of the twin wraith vipers that came out.

If I really wanted to clear my foundry I suppose I could just claim and sell, but that feels like a waste.

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