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Selling Parts/mods/keys/blueprints!

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Energy Siphon x1 10p

Steel Charge x1 10p

Pistol Scavenger x1 5-10p

Speed Holster x2 5p

Dead Eye x1 10p

Spare Parts x7 5p

Coiling Viper x2 10p

Sundering Weave x1 5p

Flailing Branch x1 25p

Seismic Palm x1 20p

Power Throw x3 10p

Sundering Strike x2 10p

Killing Blow x1 5p

Pistol Pestilence x1 5p

Steady Hands x1 5p

Sure Shot x2 5p

Firestorm x1 10p

Hell's Chamber x1 15p

Metal Auger x1 10p

Ravage x1 10p

Shred x2 10p

Vicious Spread x1 10p

Vile Precision x1 10p

Vital Sense x2 10p

Serration x1 15p

Constitution x1 15p

Continuity x1 15p

Enemy Sense x1 5p

Reflex Guard x1 5p

Streamline x2 10p

Equilibrium x1 10p

Stretch x4 5p





Boar Prime x5 5p

Ember Prime x1 10p

Ember Prime Chassis x1 10p

Ember Prime Helmet x3 5p

Latron Prime x1 10p

Mag Prime x1 10p

Mag Prime Chassis x7 5p

Reaper Prime x4 5p

Sicarus Prime x1 10p



Boar Prime Barrel x1 10p

Boar Prime Reciever x1 10p

Boltor Prime Reciever x3 5p

Burston Prime Barrel x6 5p

Dakra Prime Blade x1 10p

Fang Prime Blade x1 5p

Latron Prime Barrel x2 5p

Orthos Prime Blade x1 5p

Paris Prime Lower Limb x6 5p



T1 Capture x1 5p

T1 Defense x2 5p

T1 Mobile Defense x2 5p

T2 Capture x5 5p

T2 Defense x3 5p

T2 Mobile Defense x8 5p

T2 Survival x2 5p

T3 Exterminate x2 5p


Arcane Helmets:


You can always buy in bulk for a reduced cost.


Message me on PSN,Pm me here,or leave a message on the thread.

Thanks for reading and I wish you luck! :D

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