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Kubrow Mods

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Given how we have categories for mods for each type of weapon and sentinels, I think it would be a good idea to have a separate section for Kubrow specific mods. After framing a lot of those new mods, I sometimes get confused as to where to find them. As of right now, Kubrow mods are located in the sentinel section and I had to spend some time to figure that out.


I think, from the mod navigation point of you, it would be much easier for players to see which Kubrow mods they have, instead of getting them all mixed up with many sentinel mods, especially when your mod inventory is packed.


I also noticed that my maxed rank 10 mods, specifically Kubrow ones, do not show up when I browse my mods. The same goes for many other rank 10 mods I have. Which makes me wonder If I actually still have the new ones, or they just mysteriously disappeared. Any info on that regard would be appreciated


Edit: Just looked up in the codex and I can see every rank 10 mod I have, it just seems that the mod browser doesn't actually show them for some reason.

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