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Dual Skana Vs Dual Heat Swords


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DHS = Dual Heat Swords

DS = Dual Skana

Recently made DHS, used DS before

I mainly use charge attacks, so I won't be covering normal attacks here(If you prefer normal attacks you can always go dual zoren which does better than both in that direction)

Pros and cons

DHS is a prefered weapon among dual swords

Why ? Because

1) It has 50% better charge damage(150 dhs vs 100 DS)

2) Polarity slot(DS has none)

3) Fire upon landing attack

DS is a less preferable weapon, used by some, definatly not a Top desired weapon, but it does have something better that DHS

And it is

1) charge speed

Yes only 1, every other thing DHS does better.

Maxed reflex coil +60% 10 DHS charge attacks vs 12,5 DS charge attacks in 13 seconds - maxed lokis invisibility with max continuity

What conclusion can we make from that ? DHS is a much better weapon than DS ? WRONG!

While DHS does overall better DPS its charge speed is a lucklaster even with maxed reflex coil.

Playing defense vs infested - lots of runners. With DHS you can prevent them from exploding catching them mid path to target. However, once they reached the target - they stand still and explode after some time. Did I mention there are lots of those there ? So if you miss 1 and he is near - you get staggers from explosion of 1, then got continuosly staggered by explosion of others, you can't stop that chain once it began, you can roll out, but explosions continue(poor decoy/ warframe pod), also you don't get exp if they explode. But you can prevent that from happening.

With DHP however only if you catch them before they reach target.(DHS charge time > runner about to explode time with maxed reflex +60% charge speed)

DS on the other side does have and advantage here.

While DS charge attack time is less than DPS by a small number(10 vs 12,5 strikes in 13 sec) - this is enough to kill runner when he stoped and about to explode(DS charge time < runner about to explode time with maxe reflex +60% charge speed), so you can catch them mid path or prevent chain reaction when they reached their target(of course you have to be near thier target by that time)

Before you argue about charging attack while running with DHS - it's not a valuable solution when you are already near the target and runners engage from different sides. And it much easier to stand and charge, than to run and charge.

So thank you all who read this wall of text, hope you will find DS a valuable weapon now.

TLDR - Dual Skana does better in infested defense than Dual Heat Swords

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Just add Molten Impact to dual skana and there goes the "biggest" advantege of DHS vs infested :p

Molten impact can be aplied to both, w/o motlen impact DHS only deal fire damage from landing attack. Normal attacks, sliding attacks and charge attack do normal damage, not fire. So molten impact give a boost to both, slightly less to DHS than DS, but both get advantage.

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Didn't knew about that part. Thanks for the info.

Although i use FANG, even vs infested that has 50% less damage, my FANG attack speed + Pressure Point 48% and Molten Impact 10% (also have armor penetration) i'm squishing a Ancient Healer lvl 21 in 3 seconds with only normal hits.

At least for me that sounds nice. But i do believe that DS is better, i have one in the Armory :p

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Try the Zorens, even faster charge.

And also even less charge damage. Don't get me wrong, but there is a differense between useful and useless. This extra charge time speed bonus from zorens is useless compared to the damage loss. You can still do that with DS, why go with DZ(dual zoren) for less damage, when you got every thing fine with DS?

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Oh, you've never used them? Never mind then.

Did not had a chance to try them out yet. Currently leveling DHS and Strun, so maybe later.

The "1 ?" was a question actually. I did watch how they were used by others and find them slow in dispatching multiple enemies at once due to low damage, but I could be wrong..

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