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Some Numbers On Kubrow Mod Drops


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Hey did a test just now. Ran through a mission and killed 150 kubrow and used nekros to desecrate (max efficiency and overextend so I was able to get them all), here are the resulting kubrow mods. (The mission had 33 grineer and my total kills was at 183)


Loyal companion-2 (Common)

Pack leader (Common)

Link Armor (Uncommon)

Fast deflection (Uncommon)

Link Shields (Uncommon)


So after killing 150 Kubrow and desecrating them for a total of 300 chances at their drop table.



Tomorrow I'll try to get a larger data pool, but as it stands this is 1 mod for every 50 kills.



As it stands I have 45 total kubrow mods


33 Common


12 Uncommon


0 Rare


The problem with this is that only one enemy on one planet drops these mods, so its hardly the kind of thing where we can get most "as we go." And do need to farm for them.


Again this data may be off so i'll do more runs tomorrow to check.

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Thanks, I needed this. The drop table for kubrows is massive to have on one enemy, while im not against this, its just ALOT.

If this turns out to be accurate in future testing I'd highly advise DE to increase drop rates, but I'm not sure if this data is accurate.


how long ago did u do this? as of right now i average about 2-4 mods per run. 

Just now. And ya I normally do that too, this run was weird thats why I want to do more testing.

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I posted this in your other thread, but to back this one up as well, here's the info again:

33/33 kills
1190 total kills

Scavenge x12
Pack Leader x5
Loyal Companion x10
Link Shields x2
Maul x2
Link Health
Link Armor x2

Bugged den, playing Saryn.

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