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Idea With The Liset Docking With The Dojo


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During Devstream #33, the DE talked about Docking our ship into the dojo. I believe it would be great if they added a shipyard room in dojo where our Liset is held and we should be able to enter them to and get access to our stations (except nav station of course). this would allow Tennos to change their frame and weapon without having to leave Dojo! which would indeed make PvP alot more fun. It would also make sense for players to spawn from their ship instead of spawning in a random hall in the middle of the dojo







Beside that just a random off topic suggestion that no one should care about: I want the Liset to have a mini fridge for the lol.

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ummm the ship is called the Cephalon.

The Cephalon is the Navigation/AI program from the Liset, the particular one we have being Ordis.

Back to the topic, as awesome as changing frames while on Dojo sounds, I'm not sure ig it'd be possible. But I approve the Docking Station room!

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