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All of you, I am sure, have heard this lady speak over the intercom (or what you wanna call it) to the crew/base's personel about various things. Most common is probably "Unknown Lifeform(s) detected" when an enemy alerts the ship/base about your presence.

Now I, for one, would love to have a different voice for each faction.

The Grineer's could technically keep the current one, as I think it is most suited for them.

The Corpus would have a more computer like voice, more of an automatic speaker system than an actual person with a microphone.

But the Infested would have one of the two other faction's speaker voice, BUT it would have change behavior as it would have started making automatic "ALERT!" loops and the such. As.. you know.. when the Infestation struck, the faction currently owning the place decided to abandon their posts or at least try to make a stand or something.

What you think?

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