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Critical Chance Mod With Boltor


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Today I discovered that Point Strike mod does not work on my Boltor. I have this mod upgraded to +45%, but it seems like the chance is still under 10%. If this is a feature, please add this to description or something, just to do not confuse people.

I do 18 dmg and 36 dmg depending on bodypart I hit. 18 is for the entire body, 36 is for head. As far as I know, critical strike damage indicates yellow floating title around the enemies I hit, and whenever I do a critical strike I see the damage increased to 50-60 or even bigger (I prefer to think it is depending on the bodypart I hit).

As I mentioned before, the problem is that I do critical strikes very, very rarely. From 100 shots, it is like 2-3 are critical.

Thank you.

P. S.

Sorry for my English if I misspelled something, it is not my native language.

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As of Update 7, crit chance isn't additive, but multiplicative on the gun's base crit rate (most guns have 5% or less). It's generally considered a useless mod, so hopefully DE will do a pass on mods soon.

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