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Arc Traps Cannot Be Melee'ed + Other Issues


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Just like how Orokin Drones couldn't be melee'd until a recent update, now one of the most annoying "hazard" of the game is unaffected by melee, making melee-only users have an even more dreadful day.


Arc Traps already suffers several inconsistency problems with other similar traps, such as the Corpus cameras:


1- They can't be destroyed by explosions such as Penta and Ogris. You have to hit with the projectile itself in order to destroy it, which doesn't make any sense.


2- They aren't targeted by AoE powers such as Rhino Stomp, even though ehey come in bigger numbers, are more dangerous, annoying, and just unpleasant overall when altogether (which is often).


-- When things get extremely chaotic and you can't find a cover nor find the source of the electric traps in time, the fact that you can't even destroy them with your powers make them even more of an hindrance rather than a fun challenge.


3- Arc Traps have a very wonky RNG placement, where it would spawn too many in one room (read above for how this can affect gameplay cheaply), or spawn in completely unreachable points.



And now they can't be melee'ed.

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I'm not sure why there are no means to avoid them.


Seems like giving them an audio cue a few seconds before they begin zapping would be useful, among various other changes.

'That actually sounds absolutely brilliant!


Like, a charging up sound, Iron Man style. "Phweeeeeeeeeeeeeee BZZZZZZZZZZZT!!!"


Good for allowing us to react in time, doesn't feel too cheap, and if many are around, there's a pretty nice "Oh crap!" moment.

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