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Elemental Mods



So, I've been trying to find the elemental mods for some time now, however I only managed to come across the ice one (very early on in the game as well)

My question (since the wiki doesn't give location answers) is, where (or from which faction) does each elemental mod drop?

And, are the drops different if you compare melee mods to rifle/pistol?

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I hate you.

I got all elemental mods, except for Ice.. that i need x.x'

Every weapon has it's own elemental mod. There is a mod for fire damage to rifle, one for shotgun, one for pistol, and one for melee, the same goes for the other elemental mods (armor penetration is elemental damage)

About getting them, half of mines i got it in Kilika DEFENSE mission vs corpus (in Venus), usually the prize for 15 wave.

On Wikia you can't see who drops it in a specific mob/location, but you can see if it is faction related or overall equal to all.

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i'm not sure about the loot table after the recent updates and hot fixes since some mods are going too rare and some mods are too often in a faction that shouldn't drop them now but, one thing for sure, i got a lot of electrical melee damage mod from the Grineer, and a lot of electrical and ice rifle mod from Corpus. i forgot where did i get my fire elemental mods.

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