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Kubrow Fur


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As of right now, I'm convinced that some form of texture bug made it into U14 regarding Kubrows.
Some of us have rushed the incubation period, and we all have identical white kubrows. I have a white Kubrow, Sheldon has a white Kubrow in the Update 14 highlights, the Kubrows shown in Devstream 33 were all identical, and I've seen several player-made videos documenting white Kubrows.

When mine first hatched, I was dissatisfied with my (seemingly terrible) fur pattern, and I bought two scramblers before I realized that something other than RNG was the cause of my woes.

One of two problems exist here: Either Kubrows need to get their fur patterns and some indication of their "genes" immediately upon hatching, or players need some actual information provided about the little living beings we're supposed to be caring for. Do their fur patterns only appear upon maturity? Do all Kubrow puppies look the same before they hit puberty? What's the deal? How does any of this work?

Nobody tells you how or where to get the DNA repair kits, It's not clear how long we have before stats decay nor how much each kit "repairs". I can understand the initial secrecy on puppy duration, but it can be frustrating to rush and rush and rush with all of this platinum only to reach a completely nebulous unskippable wait time before you can actually use your new companion. And of course the entirety of genetics, breeding, and Kubrow life cycles are completely absent. I don't know how or when my Kubrow gets its "real" fur, nor do I have any idea what its genetics are. At this point, all players are fumbling around blindly with these systems, and I just want some basic information provided so that others don't lose their platinum to ignorance.

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I think the fur patterns are already determined after hatching, like i saw a post with a black kubrow with brown paws and a kubrow with a lotus pattern on it`s head (white body).

My own kubrow is also white but has stripes in it`s fur like a tiger.

I think there is a bug which causes players to have a lot more chance of getting a pale white kubrow than one with a unique pattern or color.


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This is definitely a bug. My Kubrow has a white belly, greyish brown fur, and black stripes. It looks great, I definitely got a good roll on the markings in my opinion.


The problem is, I've only see these markings a couple times. Otherwise, it's an almost white fur that has off-white markings in the shape of the real markings.


I actually thought almost every Kubrow hatched right now was white because in missions all Kubrow I saw were white, until I was fiddling with the options for Kubrow appearance and got the real markings to show on mine, and all the others. It lasts for a mission, then reverts until I log out and fiddle in the appearance settings again.


I've seen this sort of bug in another game some time ago, but I've forgotten what causes it and even what game it was. I have adjusted my graphics settings and found no resolution via randomly turning things on/off or up/down.


CPU is an AMD A8-5550M APU with Radeon HD 8500G onboard for graphics


Drivers are up to date.


I run 64-bit Warframe, I'll switch to 32-bit and see what happens in a few minutes.



Edit: I have switched to 32-bit, diabled multi-core rendering, toggled DX11, etc. etc.


None of these solved the issue. I believe that the problem is related to AMD GPUs.


Edit2: I also verified data integrity and found no issues.

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I have a very rough understanding of the system they've set up here, so it won't be easy to explain, but creating a system of random markings and fur coloring is a very difficult task. Especially when the darn things are so cute and fuzzy.


The solution is something like how photo editors handle layering. You can take a black and white photograph of a chair, but a blue tint over just that chair, and suddenly you've got a pretty blue chair that looks pretty realistic because the gray shades bleed through the blue, properly shading said chair.


Now, imagine you've got a Kubrow and you're tinting fur patterns and stuff on said Kubrow. Using templates and a system to pick appropriate colors for the patterns and markings, that makes for a pretty awesome and flexible system. However, concepts like these have to be written in very weird and complicated code.


To me, by looking at my Kubrow I get the feeling that either too little tint is applying to my Kubrow, or the layer of white that makes up the base fur is being applied AFTER the marking tints get applied. Imagine putting the black and white photo on top of the blue tint layer, it would just still be a black and white photo! I'm pretty sure it's possible for the markings to still bleed through a tiny bit if that were the case, thanks to alpha channels or something complicated.





Tl;dr: Most important thing: Don't scramble the fur of a white Kubrow. It has a pattern that's hidden 99% of the time.

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Not only that, but the tinting colors are wrong, Blue and Yellow have switched places with one another, creating a whole slew of graphical issues.


More info here:



And here:


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