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Update 14 Initial Issues And Feedback


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First and foremost, I'd like to begin by stating that overall I absolutely adore this update.  Not only do I like the UI significantly more now (though a place on the actual ship to access inventory would be nice), but I honestly think my game looks significantly more pristine and beautiful after the patch, and it feels like this was a massive step toward true polishing.  Additionally, I found even the tutorial quest very interesting!

That said, here are the initial issues I've been having:

The most annoying is the fact that even after killing Vor, I'm stuck on Vor's Prize Quest with absolutely no waypoint to continue it.  I seem to have no way of getting rid of the notification for Vor's Prize.  Heck, I even killed him again to see if it'd fix it... Nope.

The second most annoying is the fact that my game semi-frequently freezes for 2-5 seconds at a time.  It happens 1-3 times per mission and frequently after completing a mission.  My friend Zatachi stated that for him, it usually occured right before a level up. Not so in my case, but still. This is with a fresh install on a recently factory reset and repaired computer, too.

The third is that I've noticed boss drop rates seem to have gone down for me.  I'm not getting mods or anything but resources, really. We killed the Grustag Three and got nothing but three neurodes, for instance.

Fourth, the tutorial mission reset some of my Mercury nodes and they are no longer accessible.  No biggy there, just a note.

And finally, the last issue I've been having is that Ordis talks a little... too much, perhaps.  And when listening to tutorial dialogue on the ship, I kept thinking they were done due to the long pauses between sound blips.  Just a bit of feedback there!

Overall, love it though.  Keep up the great work.


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Location: On the Ship


Type of bug: Major


Expected: Question icon shows on the planet, as well on the outer rings on the planet selected


Issue: The marker while showing when looking at the navigator, does not show when looking at the mission select


Steps to reproduce:

1. Finish the mission where you collect supplies from the corpus (4-5th mission in inital quests)

2. Look at navigator

3. Look at planets


Additional information:


Photo 1, looking at navigation: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=288221913


Photo 2, looking at planets: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=288222071

Slub, this is the wrong thread to post those in. You have to post it in the megathread.

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