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Prologue Mission And New Quests - I Can Not Access Them


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I am unable to access Prologue, It appeared when I first logged in after updating so I started it and thought i had completed it, I got booted out about 20 seconds after I entered my new ship (had a quick wonder round, it's nice, needs blinds)


Second time i logged in I had the option to play the Prologue and thought no I've already done this and clicked the other option.


Now I have no prompts for these new quests and I am unable to start the prologue again, I'm blaming myself for this since i'm guessing I should of done the prologue again because the first attempt didn't save and now the new quest won't trigger.


Can anyone help me with this, am I missing something glaringly obvious to fix this? I have no quests appear in my codex by the way, just ????



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