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Here 2 interface i'd like to add to the amazing player ship :




you know, because i want to see the crew on board.




Since we can hear grineer talking on the radio, it would be amazing to have special mercenaries mission proposal here. like we had with darvo special mission.


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Ideas ( Probably rehashed and yadadada, I just want to vent out this stuff. Nothing should take priority over fixing the metric buttload of bugs U14 has given us)

- Interacting with the radio could turn it off

Not that I have a problem, though I do occasionally get annoyed at the lack of extra lines. It still adds immersion, and makes me feel like these baddies are in control of the system.

-Close the cockpit window

Much like the Solar Rail view in the dojo. Why? Because sometimes, I'd prefer the glow of the blue lights Tenno just seem to love. Plus, the effect of the sunlight can be a bit blinding. Because, you know.... it's a star.

-Make the Liset more open

Probably the most complained about thing to ever be complained at the moment, our ships just seem downright puny. I understand that the feature has just been implemented. In fact, I'm sure that DE will add new quests and a whole new system to make our Lisets larger and better. I remember a livestream with ( Steve?) saying that you'd be able to customize your ships, and expand it. The Liset would go from a ship that was abandoned for centuries and scrapped for parts by the Grineer to something completely refurbished and up to date. We should be able to expand, polish and organize our own ships. Again, I realize that that kind of feature is probably in queue. I just can't wait to have a Warframe-equivalent to the Normandy from Mass Effect. Anyone who's played that knows that the ship is a place of sanctuary. You know that you're safe in there, that it is your headquarters, and that it is home. My Liset at the moment doesn't quite do that for me. 


Or something silly. We've had candy canes, Day of the Dead skins ( which I'm sure isn't celebrated anymore by anyone in this point of time), parrot sentinels, and freaking noodle guns. I think it'd be ok to have bobble heads on our dashes. I'd think warframe bobble heads would make sense, though I'd personally love a Lech Kril.

-Add more lines to the radio

We know that we're not alone in our fight. The Red Specters ( was that their name?) are somewhere out there. Those so-called rebels of Sedna apparently exist. Colonists are alive and apparently move about the system. I want to hear from them. I want to hear the Specters call for reinforcements, for rebels to transmit their celebrations as they take down another strategic point in Sedna. Such things could very well come hand in hand with your idea, HurricaneBones.

Heck, maybe there should be localized lines for every planet.

-Bring something like the old UI back for lobbies

Rather than your first picture there, OP, instead of just the pictures, DE could use holograms of our party member's Warframes. Just like how in the old UI you could see your buddies sitting there along side you, they could pop up in front of the cockpit, awaiting you to ready up.


I'm tired of hearing him tell me that my Kubrow is hatching, that it's gonna leak and smear, and that it's nose is weird. Yeah, you told me that already. 


Whoops, added a space in cockpit, got censored.

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