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Ungrateful Tenno Asking For Endgame But Getting Mad When..


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People complain that they want endgame.and when (for example) a faction difficulty is increased in this case the infested with the update making then much harder..

and now the same people that wanted endgame are complaining like little ________ because they cant do their little infested missions by pressing 4

This update to infested is great! They were always such an easy faction where standing on a box and pressing 4 qas the solution but now they do require some more skill!!

And you should be glad to create endgame theyre not making enemies bullet sponges! I hope tthey continue the way their dking and we might just get the endgame us veteran players long for..

There will be nerfs and changes and rebalancing (like infinite wallrun) but theyre for the better of the game !!

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