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Stealth Gameplay Ideas: Dark Areas Grants Stealth + Crouch Stealth


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Stealth is almost none existent on Warframe, which is something I would love to see changed. I know a lot of people are comming up with ideas quite often, and DE definately wants to do something about stealth. So here is a few of my own ideas!


Dark areas grants stealth


In some games, there will be areas around each map where you can hide to avoid being detected. A recent game I have played with this feature, was Metro: Last Light. Here is a screenshot that illustrates my idea for Warframe:




On metro, stealth was WAY too easy. so I don't suggest having these darkened areas as much as in that game. But having a few now and then would surely add more stealth possibilities to the game.


Crouch stealth


As simple as it gets. Make us harder to detect when crouched. If possible of course.




Please let me know what you all think of these ideas, and maybe add some yourself.


Zareek out!

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Yup. We got the ships & the dogs, now back to the essential which includes : Stealth.


A light/shadow mechanic like in the original Thief is possible,since our fresh Mirage can benefits from it....

You're in the shadows = less likely to be detected. A body exposed to the sunlight? Those who see it enter semi-alerted mode. (Why did this feature was removed in the first place?I'm still wondering...)


( I also noticed that some of the new rooms have alternate paths.That's cool too)


The day Stealth 2.0 arrives,I'll spend plenty of plats into this game.Any stealth improvement gets my support!

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