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Ui Problems I've Encountered


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1= First and foremost, when clicking on the chat window I shouldnt be clicking on nodes in the navigation menu... which I do.


2= We need the ability to click another node if someone clicks the "wrong" node. This took us a long time to figure out... apparently clicking a node starts a vote. Theres no way to cancel a vote. Instead everyone, including the person who picked the wrong node, needs to click "decline" in the vote to bypass it. As the lobby leader there should be a way to cancel votes, or make it so only the lobby leader can start one or "something". As it stands this is incredibly annoying for "everyone", not just the host. Whats worse, is theres no information presented when it happens to tell you what to do, and no time that the last vote expires. All we can do if someone isnt paying attention to click deny is start a timer manually.


3= Alerts should always be "on top", or better yet give us the ability to play an alert or a quest or the normal mission etc similar to what youve done already for nightmare mode.. just have it bring up a little menu asking which mission you would like to do. I dont even know how many people are &!$$ed off because they couldnt do the catalyst alert cuz they already started the kubrow quest. Throw into the mess the REDICULOUS spawn rates for a SINGLE egg and the absurdly high costs to breed one I dont think many people will be breeding tons of them. But now we cant do the alert because we havent finished the RNG quest of "Keep killing 28 guys until you get a egg"? I guess its either pay 10p for an egg and do the catalyst alert or pay 20p for the catalyst no? Brilliant marketing at least DE :p


4= My warframe shouldnt be blocking my view of my mods. Maybe its just nyx's noble animation but the fact that this is possible at all? Theres no excuse... I should have no issues seeing what Im doing. Could at least put the menu screen in front of my warframe.


5= Why is only one line of mods visible in the mod menu? Even though I can clearly see at least 3 lines only one gives me any information. :/ Again, why? What purpose could there be in hiding information in the UI? Ugh


6= In the foundry it doesnt list the amount of resources I have. Again, UI should be giving me information, not just telling me if I have enough or not. Why keep hiding this information?


7= While I appreciate the fix with entering the dojo, at least state it for what it is. Its a bandaid fix... I would have prefered just seeing the dojo pop up and being able to enter the dojo via clicking the little circle like everywhere else. What could be so hard of locking that node unless we have a clan key?


8= Leaving a squad and changing your online preference [friends only/private/public/solo] should be visible from the navigation menu instead of having to click other things.


9= Why hide what vault key everyone has equipped unless you find it buried beneath other menus? This info should also be readily available from the navigation menu or listed in squad chat or something. The reason however this isnt with 8 above is because this information is only correct for the host. Everyone else's information is listed incorrectly for other players showing everyone else having the key the last other person equipped.


10= Im not sure what caused it, but when in chat my chat darkened and then I wasnt able to move or access things right in front of me. It essentially locked me into chat when I was in front of my navigation. Nothing afterwards could be done to fix the issue, esc didnt bring up menus, closing the chat didnt work, and no movement commands were accepted. I havent had this happen since... I forget when, a long time. Some previously squashed bug seems to have resourfaced.




While I probably could go on, I'll stop at 10.And while this isnt really specific to UI, whys the water so ugly now? Im guessing one of the "optimizations" that were mentioned in the release notes is to blame. Its essentially turned all the water in my dojo gardens into glowing toxic waste from fallout.I noticed also that smokey clouds in various levels are insanely bright as well so I can only guess their transparencies are #*($%%@ up. I ended up reducing my graphic settings considerably just because the game looked way better without those eye sores... :/

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