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Foundry Issues


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Foundry has a few issues... some extend to other parts too, but the foundry is where they annoyed me most:


1. Your frame covers part of the interface. We should fade/phase out, or move the camera closer to avoid this, or shift it over a bit. It's annoying that you can't compare things easily on the left and right, because your frame is in the way.


2. There is NO way to tell what you already own and what you don't. I can build so many things, I have most parts to so many things... hundreds... and I own over 90% of all items in the game. Yes, I can memorize my ever-changing list of inventory, but it gets a bit tedious, and wastes time. There's, for example, a plethora of B* Prime rifles. I have all sorts of parts for them. However, sorting which B* Prime rifles I need to make/hunt and which ones I've stopped caring about owning is a pointless task.


3. There is no filtering. Yes, you can sort by categories, but I have almost every single helm bp there is. Finding the one I want takes ages. I have every single gear item bp there is. That isn't a fun "find what you need" either. I'm not even sure what half of the new bps would categorize as, yet I have to sort through pages and pages of bps on almost a dozen categories to guess what I'm looking for.

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