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The Sun Flares Red, And He Descends.


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As a counter point to Stalker who attacks you the Avenge the Boss

During a unique event, when you go to fight a boss a cutscene may occur where the boss in question is taken out by something new.

Moth Man!

A Red demon like being that descends and defeats the boss -giving you the drop-

Lotus will note it is similar to the Infected but has a unique signature and orders you to subdue it so it may be studied

"Moth Man" like Stalker will use Tenno moves on you.... unlike stalker, he is packing the elemental "magics" of Ember, Volt and Frost

-though like Stalker each would have a unique visual change, IE His Fire spells are Blue, Lighting is Red and Ice is pitch black-

He seems to be wielded duel Dark Swords and has some kind of projectile weapon. -Ie it looks like his just shooting from the plam of his hand-


It look like his wearing a cloak, but those are his wings folded around him

You can only make out his glaring red eyes on his face as his wearing an Obsidian mask

as you fight, He speaks to you in this wierd language you can't understand but as the fight progresses it slowly start to translate


The First Time what he is saying appears to be gibberish

The Second Time a few of the words make sense

and The Third Time

"She lies to you, Only I know the Truth of your Era's Fate... Tenno"

When beaten... He pretty much shrugs all the damage off

"You are not yet ready for the Truth"

Unfolds his wings and flies off.

He'd drop a Mod, High level Craft item, a Random BP an A shard of a crystal Sun which can be collected for something later.

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