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We are Liquid silv~
EDIT : We are no longer a shadow clan, thank you to everyone who joined. If you are still interested in joining then check out our storm clan thread ~ https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/281259-%E2%97%84%E2%99%A3-liquid-silv%C2%AD-%E2%99%A3%E2%96%BA-recruiting-active-players-alliance-teamspeak3-massive-dojo-all-labs/

A little info:
Currently, we have a clan emblem and we have all the labs built with all of the research done + trading post about 2 meters from the spawn point. We are part of an active alliance with a Teamspeak 3 server. We have a friendly community, that is mostly based in Australia/NZ, and are most active in the afternoon and night, however there are still members online during the day. Our dojo is almost finished and has dueling rooms, an observatory and plenty of garden rooms. We are also placing ample decor around the rooms.


Dojo screenshot~




Here is our alliance thread -- https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/256609-lost-seraph-alliance-recruitment-open/

Current member count: 30+


The only rules are a 14 day inactive kick, to make sure that the clan stays active, however we know that people have things to do IRL, so if notice is given or you are in the top 3 ranks you will have immunity.
Be respectful and helpful to your fellow tenno and have fun!


If your interested, leave a reply with your alias and mastery rank or game play hrs. You can also PM / add me in game :)



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Hey st1llborn. Thanks for the reply on my thread (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/278314-friendly-vet-looking-to-get-back-into-the-fray/).


I'd love to join your clan. You seem very well organized and prepared to expand, and I'd love to be a part of that.The only concern I have is the I may be on at times when no one else is most of the time. School is starting soon, so I won't be on during the day. If I could get a little more detail on when the majority of your clanmates are on, that'd help me make my decision.


EDIT: After debating for a few hours, I've decided that I'd love to join your clan. The Lost Seraph Alliance looks to have a pretty substantial member base, so i'm sure I can find someone to run with if no one is on. If you'd send me an invite when possible, i'd greatly appreciate it. I look forward to running with you guys.


EDIT to previous edit: Although i'd love to work with you guys, the 8 hour time difference minimum does not seem to allow much time to play with clan mates. I'm, therefore, withdrawing my application. Thank you for considering me.

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