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Price Of Platinum


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I don't know if theres a difference between the costs for Platinum in different countrys.

For germany the lowest one is 75 Platinum for 4€ (3,99).

The next bigger one is 170 (150 + 20 Extra so they say) for 9€ (8,99).

But in fact 1€ is worth about 18,75 Platinum, so if you multiply it by 9 you would get 168,75 Platinum for it.

That means the "extra" amount of Platinum you get is 1,25.

Maybe it's just a mistake or something, but i like to see that fixed. Because telling you would get something "extra" means i wont have to pay for it, but 1,25 out of 20 for free....doesnt seem very precise to me.

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