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Hello everyone, 


I would like to report some problems I, and many of my friends and clanmates, still have after the last hotfix.



1)Sometimes, while creating the lobby, your frame freeze while switching back and forth from the diagetic interface to solar map. When this happens, you're unable to do a thing, only writing in chat.

If the other players in the lobby start the mission, you're dragged away: afaik this is the only way to solve it, (or relog and leave the lobby).

(Also, I would like some more... evident interfaces for the lobby, bigger windows where I can find who my team mates are: imo, at the moment is inadequate.)


2) When the mission end you lose connection randomly (50% of the time). The game save your rewards but you're back in your ship, without your team.


3)The situation of guesting, or hosting lobby, is worse than pre U14. Random crashes to desktop in the middle of the mission (or in the beginning) even while hosting, and connections lost are for now the norm in public matches.

Solo, or Invite only matches seem more stable...but I would have preferred the other way around :): at least we could have still pugged.



I wish DE good luck in solving this problems asap, and I will refrain from providing a feedback on U14 till this happens: I fear that my opinions would be too biased from the bugs.

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