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Why Is My Kubrow Glowing?


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I came back from a mission (which disconnected me at the end), and after I logged back in, I noticed this:



I suppose it is a bug, since it looks like my Kubrow is collecting a mod.



(Happens every 5-15 seconds and also gives the same circular effect around him that goes up from the ground (colored grey, thus not really visible on the screenshot. The UI doesn't say anything about it maturing in any way.)

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It doesn't only occour inside of the incubator.




Edit #1: I'm not going to send a support ticket yet. I give it a 30% chance to be intentional, even though the incubator's UI doesn't say anything.

I think I'm nearing the time at which I rushed the egg incubation... It's possible that this glow is indicating that the Kubrow is about to grow. Not sure if there's another stage between a puppy and a fully grown Kubrow.


Edit #2: Typo.

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If I stay for too long in the ship, the glowing ceases almost completely, but after I came back from a quick Lephantis run, it's back to live again.


Imma just wait and see.

Mine as well. When I'm fresh out of mission, it glows every 2-3 seconds. But after some time on ship it stops.



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